Helicopter rental in Armenia

In a variety of situations, it may be necessary to rent a helicopter in Armenia. If you want to get to your destination with the lowest financial costs, renting will help you put your wishes into reality. Have you seen movies where people relax aboard a helicopter, enjoying the beauty of nature? This is not only possible in movies; a flight can be arranged here and now! Our air transport is designed for entertainment and business. It is the most convenient way for traveling through Armenia, to Georgia, Russia and other countries.

The company ARMENIAN HELICOPTERS offers a large selection of aircraft, services provided by experienced pilots, allowing to accomplish any ideas to create a personal route. You can order transport for a press tour, flight for photo or video shooting, make an unforgettable and precious gift for newlyweds or for a birthday party. Let us know your wishes and ideas, and we will organize an individual trip suitable for you in all aspects.

Do not miss out on the amazing opportunity to capture the beauty of Armenia from a helicopter. The created video will be a worthy replenishment of your collection, and the air adventure will never be forgotten!

Our helicopters


Robinson R66 is designed and built by the American «Robinson Helicopter Co.» as a lightweight helicopter for high-altitude flights. It features a separate cargo compartment and is powered by a Rolls-Royce RR300 turboshaft engine. It is especially suitable for sightseeing tours.


Airbus Helicopters’ model H130 is a modern, comfortable, energy-efficient, lightweight class helicopter designed in France. It is convenient for high-altitude flights, relatively cheap in operation, and is easily modified for the customer’s needs.


“Armenian Helicopters” provides charter services of modern helicopters. Flights can be carried out as scheduled or individual routes.
A helicopter flight on a wedding day will be the best gift for the newlyweds and their guests. All participants of the celebration will be pleased with wedding tours with our company!
Sightseeing flights will completely reveal the helicopter capabilities. You will enjoy the unique beauty of the city, sense of freedom and high speed.
Do not deny yourself the opportunity to capture beauty of the city from helicopter. The video will be a worthy replenishment of your collection, and the air adventure will never be forgotten!
Armenian Helicopters services are a great way to advertise your products more effectively. Order a helicopter flight with advertising information – thousands of people will gain information about your company.
If you want to purchase a helicopter, our specialists will help you choose the model that suits your requirements, we will also provide a range of services in registering and obtaining certificates.

Registration No: 2861101005876
TIN: 02673123
Address: 0010, Yerevan, RA, Vazgen Sargsyan, 2

Address of basing:  RA, Armavir region, «Zvartnots» International Airport

Phone: +374 44 888 333, +79584027209

Email: info@armheli.com

In the near future the company will build its own helicopter center and hangars with full infrastructure for flights, storage and maintenance.
The helicopter center will have several helipads, hangars for equipment and helicopters, a comfortable client zone and offices for staff.