Robinson R66 is designed and built by the American «Robinson Helicopter Co.» as a lightweight helicopter for high-altitude flights. It features a separate cargo compartment and is powered by a Rolls-Royce RR300 turboshaft engine. It is especially suitable for sightseeing tours.


Airbus Helicopters’ model H130 is a modern, comfortable, energy-efficient, lightweight class helicopter designed in France. It is convenient for high-altitude flights, relatively cheap in operation, and is easily modified for the customer’s needs.


Company offers passengers charter transportations with light class helicopters in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, Georgia, Russian Federation and Turkey.
Company offers a new exclusive service by helicopters for wedding parties and other events. Newlyweds and their guests can be transported by helicopters to a wedding or event venue.
Our specialists will help you choose the right helicopter for your personal or corporate needs. We guarantee of the long-term cooperation between the company and the customer.
The base of operation and the main hangar are based in «Zvartnots» International Airport.
The company uses technical facilities for staff and hangars belonging to the airport for the storage of aviation equipment and helicopters.
In the near future the company will build its own helicopter center and hangars with full infrastructure for flights, storage and maintenance.
The helicopter center will have several helipads, hangars for equipment and helicopters, a comfortable client zone and offices for staff.