Name: Evgeny Vladimirovich Mikhaylenko, Flight Director, Instructor pilot
Date of birth: 06/02/1968
Total flight time: 8500 hours.
Education: Kremenchug Flight School of Civil Aviation.
Mastered helicopters: Mi-2, Mi-8T, MTV, AMT, AS-355, Bell-430, AS-350B2, AS-350B3, Robinson R44 / R66, Bell-407, Airbus H130T2.


Name: Karen Poghosyan, Commander of the Armed Forces
Date of birth: 01/27/1978
Total flight time: 2300 hours.
Education: Yerevan military flight technical school.
Mastered helicopters: Mi-2, Mi-24, Mi-8, Mi-171, Airbus H130T2, SA 341G


Name: Gerasim Sahakyan, Commander of the Armed Forces
Date of birth: 04/12/1980
Total flight time: 2600 hours.
Education: Syzran Military Aviation Institute
Mastered helicopters: Mi-8, Mi-171, Airbus H130T2, SA 341G


Name: Markaryan Khachatur Albertovich
Date of birth: 09/08/1991
Total flight time: 1500 hours.
Education: Yerevan Higher Military Aviation Technical School.
Mastered helicopters: Mi-2, R-66


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